You can call it Supermoto if you want, or Naked ... but we prefer just to call it: NUDA 900 R.

Nuda 900R

Nuda 900R

Nuda 900R

Nuda 900R minisite.

Husqvarna is about to write a new and important chapter in its history, producing the first powerful two-cylinder road bike which we will be presented today in its almost final build.

Why a street bike from Husqvarna? Actually there is a long tradition of street bikes for Husqvarna – before the famous area of off-road products. So the step for the brand is not really that big. In addition we see a great potential to grow in this direction, providing thrilling products including true Husqvarna DNA

The relationship between BMW and Husqvarna is without doubt stronger and more harmonious than ever, and this new product is the first in a completely new segment for our more than one hundred year old brand.

This 900 combines Husqvarna's traditional sporting nature with BMW's engineering, technology and reliability. And this is just the start!

Our future road bikes will continue to have Husqvarna's DNA and, above all, its concept of riding based on pleasure, power and flexibility.

Choosing the right engine was vital in an ambitious project like this. The core is the parallel 800cc two cylinder engine also seen on the BMW F800R, but modified to give the bike a more aggressive, racing character. To reach this aim the engine was upgraded, increasing the capacity to 900cc and many internal components were modified to improve the performance of the power and torque curve.

This new model will have more than 100 horsepower, will be very easy to handle thanks to its great lightness and the linear, fluid nature of the engine which bursts powerfully and controllable into action at the touch of the throttle.

The components will be top-notch too, just like our Husqvarna racing bikes: fork from Sachs, Öhlins shock absorber (both fully adjustable), Brembo Racing brakes, and many small details in carbon fibre, sport exhaust system with an exhaust valve and much more.

All this comes with an aesthetically pleasing appearance and a sexy, seductive and typically Italian style.

The bold shapes of the body are a consistent evolution of the new style and design direction introduced by Husqvarna's design team and demonstrate the company's unique and unquestionable ability to innovate.

The design of this latest bike is brand new. The characteristic shape of the side panels, the tension in the vibrant surfaces and the sculpted volumes define an athletic and curvy body.

Dynamism, agility and lightness are all balanced harmoniously.

The air intakes incorporated at the front of the body and the tapered tail, almost like a racing bike, highlight the unique design of this new model.

The technical components, along with the engine, the trellis frame and the visible radiator are a prelude of sportiness, performance and, above all, fun.

All this comes in the typical colors of our competition bikes. A color combination which is both: Sporty and elegant at the same time. This is the Husqvarna style!

The bike will be in showrooms in 2012.